NDC Receives $350,000 Loan From Lowcountry Housing Trust

Funding to go towards Healthy Food Hub development.

The Northside Development Corporation has received a loan of $350,000 from Lowcountry Housing Trust.  The loan will go towards land improvements at the site of the Healthy Food Hub.  The facility will serve as a major anchor for the Northside community.  Including Hub City Farmers Market, a culinary training program, a community garden, and a retail store, the Healthy Food Hub will provide fresh fruits and vegetables to community residents.  

As part of Lowcountry Housing Trust’s work in diminishing health disparities and improving communities’ health, this loan will benefit the work that the Healthy Food Hub will do.  This partnership marks another for the ambitious project.  Curt McPhail of the Northside Development Corporation stated that NDC, the Healthy Food Hub, and partners were “fortunate to have [Lowcountry Housing Trust] as an investor.”

To read more about the Lowcountry Housing Trusts loan click here.