Request For Qualified Homebuilders

In an effort to create mixed income, diverse housing for all income and household types, the Northside Development Group (NDG) and its partners through the transformation planning effort have established a holistic housing strategy to include supporting the creation of mixed income rental housing on Brawley Street, to provide support to existing residents through an owner-occupied rehabilitation program, to the recent announcement to build 90 units of mixed income multifamily rental housing at the corner of Howard and College.

As part of this strategy NDG recognizes there is an ever-increasing need for affordable and market rate homeownership opportunities in the Northside. Through partnerships with Habitat for Humanity five new homes have been built in the Northside, yet these homes serve a limited population. In addition, there has been very little private or other non-profit homeownership built in the Northside although there is an increasing demand for homeownership opportunities both from existing and new residents.

To catalyze homeownership opportunities as part of the Northside redevelopment, NDG is seeking proposals from qualified home builders/developers, nonprofit or for profit to build up to 10 new homes on lots owned by the Northside Development Group and/or City-owned vacant lots. NDG is seeking partnership opportunities to co-develop and/or support the development of new scattered site homeownership in the neighborhood. In addition to properties owned by NDG, the City of Spartanburg is also interested in developing similar opportunities in the Northside as part of this Initiative.