Old Sunshine Inn

NDC Closer To Deal With The Old Sunshine Inn

Deal signals another step forward in area revitalization.

Northside Development Corporation is close to closing a deal to purchase the old Sunshine Inn, located within the Northside community.  The deal signals another step forward for the Northside Initiative and the effort to revitalize the area.  The old hotel is mostly unused due to code violations.  If successful in closing on the property, the plan is to demolish the building and grass the lot.  

NDC has settled on a price of $535,000, with a possible increase to buy an adjacent lot.  The Northside Development Corporation has worked diligently to help purchase other property within the community.  City Communications Manager Will Rothschild stated that the acquisition will signify a great step forward in that it “opens up possibilities for the Northside community” and “changes the entire gateway into the city”.

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