Bringing New Life To Brawley Street With Mixed Income Rental Housing

Along with it's partners, The Northside Development Group is continuing it's effort to improve Brawley Street. Properties that have long been vacant and in complete disrepair are being demolished to make way for future development.

As part of the Brawley Street Model Block redevelopment, Phase 2 Brawley Street housing development has been completed. Homes of Hope, a nonprofit affordable housing developer, has built 8 new units of mixed-income rental housing that will serve families earning 50%-120% of the area median income (between $25,500 to $61,000 for a family of four). The rent is expected to range from $575 to $895 for the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom units.

Phase 3 is beginning and will create an additional 7 units. The Northside Development Group is working with Homes of Hope, based in Greenville, for this effort. While the NDG is spearheading the project, Homes for Hope will be managing the properties as we continue to more forward in the effort to develop Brawley Street and the surrounding areas.