New, Affordable Housing And Mixed Use Facilities For The Northside

Construction for Phase One housing in the Northside is scheduled to begin in late 2017 and be completed by late 2018. This Housing development will be mixed income, mixed use housing and retail space consisting of 90 mixed income rental housing units in one development. 

In addition, a second mixed use mixed income housing and commercial space development project will include market-rate and affordable housing and a commercial component for a clinic, retail and office space. 

The new spaces are being developed by the NDG in partnership with the Spartanburg Housing Authority and the Spartanburg Housing Partners development team. Plans currently place the development near VCOM, at the intersection of College Street and Howard Street.

Homeownership through Habitat Partnership

Habitat Partnership built 3 homes on North Forest as part of the Brawley Street Model Block redevelopment and recently completed 2 new homes through a partnership with the Spartanburg Housing Authority’s Youth Build program.