A Program Seeking To Help Stabilize Communities Through The Elimination Of Slum Properties

The Northside Development Group is continually partnering with the city of Spartanburg, which has received funding as part of the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority’s Neighborhood Initiative Program. The program seeks to help stabilize communities through the elimination of slum properties. Many of these slum properties have been uninhabited and condemned for some time. As a result, these properties have become a hotspot for crime.

In theory, the removal of these properties will help lower crime rates in the area, thus creating a more stable community. In addition to removing the homes to decrease crime, removal of the homes is also an attempt to improve other parcels in the area and prevent future foreclosures. The Northside Development Group is responsible for the purchasing, asbestos abatement, and demolition of each home. Each home is tested for and cleared of hazardous materials prior to demolition.