Helping Homeowners With Emergency And Minor Repairs

In 2015, The Northside Development Group initiated an owner occupied rehabilitation program to support emergency and minor repairs needed by existing homeowners in the Cleveland Heights area.

The Northside’s Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP) provides opportunities for home repairs for homeowners.  The program started on Howard and Leonard streets and has moved over to include most of the Cleveland Heights Neighborhood, from the east side of Howard Street to the west side of Asheville highway.

Northside Voyagers serve as CNIP Field Coordinators helping to connect with residents wishing to begin the application process and as a central point of contact to access information about the program. In addition to funding from a five-year forgivable loan, some eligible homeowners have also received assistance from volunteer groups such as AFL Global and The Episcopal Church of the Advent.

As of February 2017, 20 homes have been approved for repairs, 14 projects are complete, 3 are in the process of receiving repairs and 2 more projects will begin soon.