Helping Homeowners With Emergency And Minor Repairs

In 2015, the Northside Development Group initiated an owner occupied rehabilitation program to support emergency and minor repairs needed by existing homeowners in the Cleveland Heights area. The Northside’s Cleveland Heights Neighborhood Improvement Program (CNIP) provided opportunities for homeowners to receive repairs. In addition to funding from a five-year forgivable loan, eligible homeowners also received assistance from volunteer groups such as AFL Global and The Episcopal Church of the Advent. While the program has ended, as of 2019, 28 homes have received repairs.

In 2019, NDG is eligible to access the SC State Housing Development and Finance Authority’s Housing Trust Fund Emergency Repair Program. Homeowners may qualify for up to $8,000 in emergency repairs only. To assist homeowners, the Northside Voyagers serve as Field Coordinators helping to connect with residents wishing to begin the application process. 

Beginning fall 2019, an extension of the CNIP program is being offered to homeowners on Brawley and N. Forest Streets. Homeowners may qualify for up to $10,000 in exterior repairs. Homeowners in need of interior repairs, or located in another part of the Northside may still qualify for SC Housing Emergency Repairs up to $8,000. NDG is now accepting applications for future projects. If you are interested in applying or wish to seek further information, please call NDG at (864) 598-0097.