Our Board

The most ambitious redevelopment effort in Spartanburg's history will not come easy. It takes strong leadership, unprecedented partnerships and strong support from community leaders and organizations. The partnerships we have created and the leadership team we have in place brings capacity and diversity to the Northside Initiative. 


Board Members

Bill Barnet, III
CEO, Board Chair

Ed Memmott
Secretary / Treasurer


Molly Talbot-Metz 
VP of Programs, Mary Black Foundation


Tim Schmitz 
Professor and Associate Provost for Administration, Wofford College


Mary L. Thomas 
COO, Spartanburg County Foundation

Marcos Gomez-Agnoli
Owner, Dellfrio, LLC

Linda Askari
Resident Leader

Richard Dillard
Director Corporate Public Affairs, Milliken-Retired


Debby Moore 
Resident Leader

Renee Romberger 
VP of Community Health Policy and Strategy, Spartanburg Regional Healthcare System



Terry Brandon 
Owner, Brando Brand Recognition and Awards


Theresa Wray 
Teacher, Spartanburg Regional Child Care Center


Rochelle Williams
Director of Development, Middle Tyger Community Center