Let's NIP vacant housing in the bud!- The Northside Neighborhood Initiative Program

The City of Spartanburg has received funding as part of the South Carolina State Housing Finance and Development Authority Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP). The aim of this program is to help prevent foreclosures in the Northside Neighborhood by eliminated blighted properties and stabilizing neighborhoods.

Most of these properties have been condemned for some time and have been hotspots for crime.  The hope is that, with the removal of these properties, crime will decrease, and the neighborhood will be more stable. 

The City is partnering with the Northside Development Group acquire and demolish identified homes and improve the remaining parcels. Fourteen demolitions have already taken place and several more will be planned for the future.

The NDG distributed door hangers in the areas where demolition will occur to inform residents of houses included in the program and detail the information about the Neighborhood Initiative Program (NIP). Any questions about the program may be directed to the NDG either by email or phone: info@spartanburgNDG.com, 864.598.0097.